There is no competition September 2, 2015

Do not compare yourself. You are not here to compete with anybody. Cherish your individuality. Your uniqueness is your competitive edge, which means that you should not be scared to lose anything to anybody. I use competitive edge for lack of a better word. You are you. There is nobody out there who is exactly like you. Or looks exactly like you. Embrace yourself with all your flaws and see that you do not have to prove yourself to anybody. You have worth! You are complete in yourself and you are good enough. Cherish what is good about others. This will not take away from your own light. Avoid feelings of envy or talking others down, even if it is only in your thoughts. Be kind and stop seeing others as your competition in your personal and your business life. There is no competition. You should not have to prove your worth to anybody and in life you will meet people that either love or like you or they don’t. Be kind and do not let other people’s opinions shatter your sense of self-worth. You can be the most brilliant or beautiful or smart person walking this planet and there will be thousands of people who would rather choose somebody else over you. That does not make you any less of a person. We all choose who we want to surround ourselves with and how we want to shape our lives. There are so many factors involved when we make any kind of choice. But you should not have to fight for your (wanted) place or change who you are as a person just because you assume that this will make people like you more. Be yourself. Celebrate differences in other people and also what it is in you that makes you different. Our unique characteristics and looks and our differences in views and lifestyle should be seen as something that enriches our lives. You do not have to prove your worth to anybody. And you should not have to. Do your own thing and be the best version of yourself. People will like you or they will not like you. That is their choice. But you will start to like yourself more if you make choices for your own sake and respect yourself in your actions. Know your own worth and do the right thing. And stop trying to prove to people that you are good enough. Because you already are. Free yourself from all the competitions. Most of them are only in your head anyway. Stop being so competitive and focus on building connections with other people by being kind and doing your best for your own sake. You are only in competition with yourself.

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