Quiet time September 4, 2015

When was the last time you experienced real silence? We live in a world filled with noises and we are constantly making noise ourselves. Even if you do not talk or listen to anything, chances are you hear your neighbors or the traffic outside.

Sometimes at night time or during the early morning hours, depending on where you live, you will find moments of silence. Even though you might hear wildlife every now and then, there is still some serenity and peacefulness that is hard to describe if you have not experienced it yourself. You can actively look for those moments of quiet. When you go for a walk or hiking in the countryside in more rural areas you should have higher chances to find these moments. But even staying up really late or waking up very early will give you a hint of real silence and quiet time to yourself.

Even though it might feel strange to be surrounded by a very quiet environment at first, it can be very refreshing for your body and mind. You will probably feel very calm and at peace after a few minutes. If this scenario seems out of reach for you right now, make a more conscious effort to make time during your day to unplug from all the noises around you.

Just sit somewhere for a few minutes and enjoy not doing anything for a while. Enjoy some quiet time to yourself every now and then. Get comfortable with silence around you. Quiet time can help you calm your mind, fight stress and feel more centered in yourself again. Only if you make time for yourself to recharge your energy and relax, you can really enjoy your life. Finding balance can be challenging but it is definitely worth it.

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