Become a better listener August 13, 2015

There are two type of listeners. Which type of listener are you?

Do you really listen to people? Sometimes we can get distracted quite easily, or we interpret what people say right away, assuming we understand them. We think we get every undertone and the meaning behind the words before the person in front of us even finished talking. We interpret what was said right away and cannot wait to share our opinion, encourage the other person, share experiences and just start talking. Or even worse, we go ahead and not waiting our turn, we start interrupting them and we might even criticize them in a discussion without reflecting on it, first.

But do we really listen to them with the aim to understand? Do we think about what was said before we talk? And if we do not agree, do we ask the right questions so that we can actually understand their position?

And then there are the other listeners. The ones that give you their whole attention, who make you feel like there is no place they’d rather be than right there, listening to you. The ones that do not jump to conclusions, but hear you out and always seem to ask you the right questions. The ones that always make time to listen to you and you have great conversations with.

Who would you rather talk to and share things with? Think about it…

What kind of listener do you want to be?

I think we can all improve our listening behaviors. To become a better listener you need to make changes and really reflect on your own behavior in conversations. We can control our own actions and aspire to be the kind of listener we want to talk to ourselves when we have a problem. Pay attention and aim to understand where other people are coming from. Focus on the person you talk to and do not let your mind become distracted. It is a choice only you can make!

Communication is so important for any relationship and we only grow as people if we learn from our mistakes. To truly build and nurture your relationships with others, you need to connect with them. Focus on your part of these interactions. Be more loving and kind. Be honest and thoughtful in the way you communicate. And listen…


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