Case of the Mondays? September 21, 2015

How is it that there seems to be an epidemic of Weekday induced mood swings among us? As much as people get stoked, excited and happy about the upcoming weekend on Fridays, sure enough as soon as they get up on a Monday morning… they are, to put it mildly, in a negative or bad mood. This is so much the case, that there is an entire category of gifs, memes, sayings and even e-cards dedicated to Mondays (and Fridays) for that matter. And I admit it, it is easy to get sucked into the Monday hole and get grumpy yourself after a while, even if you did not wake up like that. It seems contagious: the complaining, overall real or assumed bad mood in the people you run into and the social acceptance you seem to get when you complain about Monday. Because people respond in complaining about their Monday, too and you bond over the notoriously bad day of the week. But I think it is about time that we all get over ourselves! I mean, come one. It seems to be a lot of self-fulfilling prophecies out there. And yes, office work can be a bit more stressful after a weekend. But isn’t this the case on Fridays, too?

So in the same way people spread happy vibes on Fridays I challenge you to do the same on Mondays from now on. Overall, it is just a day of the week as every other day. Do not let the “I hate Monday! “ -vibes get to you. Pretend it is Friday if you have to! But stay positive and meet people with kindness and a smile on your face. Spread happiness and do not get infected with the Monday induced phases of puberty around you. No offense to teenagers out there, you are going through the real thing.

But I am honestly over grown people complaining about having to get up on a Monday morning for work. Just because it is Monday, you should not get carried away into a complaining mode. Everything is bad because it happens to be a certain day of the week? Really? Sometimes you need to pull yourself together. You can prove me wrong if you like, I am not a statistician, but changes are Mondays are not more unlucky or jinxed days than let’s say Wednesdays. So why do you assume that all Mondays suck? Do you really want to spend all 52 Mondays this year in a bad mood, just because? Waste your time and energy on being grumpy? Just because it is Monday? And where does it even come from? Homesickness for the weekend? Not wanting to go back to work? It is kind of normal to feel like that, but it is not the end of the world and I see no real reason to complain about your life in general, just because it is a Monday. And that is it, no further reason needed for hating on your own life. Mondays are enough to complain about your fate? You should not write off an entire day every week because you assume that there can be nothing good coming out of it. You set yourself up for a lot of negativity yourself if you start out with this “case of the Mondays” shenanigans. If you are already in this mindset when you leave your home on Monday mornings, it is no surprise you feel your Monday stereotypes are justified. So don’t! Do not let other people’s Monday grumpiness affect you today and be optimistic and open to all the happy moments today.

Happy Monday, everyone! Make it a wonderful day. 🙂

Photography by amayaeguizabal / Pixabay

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