Make time for yourself August 27, 2015

What can you do for yourself today? What would make you happy? Sometimes life gets very busy and you might even feel guilty to take some “me” time or it seems wrong to choose to be alone for an hour or two and just do your thing. It is often in the times that we would need it most, that it seems impossible to make time for yourself. But I actually think that everyone benefits from a time out that you claim for yourself. Maybe you just want to take a bath after a long day at work and read a novel. Or you want to do some sports, but you never find the time for it. Or maybe you just want to take a long nap. Or go for a walk. Or not do anything at all. Whatever it is you want to do, do not feel guilty for spending time by yourself. See it as a mini vacation instead that you fill with one or more activities that you really enjoy.Even put it in your weekly schedule, if you find it difficult to schedule your “me” time. Remember, that you need to take care of yourself, too!  We all need times of relaxation and self-care is important to our happiness. Finding and making time for yourself is really important. So I am asking you again: What is it that you can do for yourself today that will make you feel good? Think about and just go for it! You really deserve some free time to yourself.


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