Finding your courage August 20, 2015

We are all afraid of something. Whether it is a real or imagined threat or the fear is justified or not, you need to acknowledge it is there and rationalize it in your head. Our fears tell us a lot about ourselves, and we can use our fears to our advantage. What we cannot do is completely give in to our fears and get scared of life itself. Because if we let our fears rule our life, we cannot enjoy life, be happy and find our own way.

We need to find a balance in the way we treat our fears. We need to find the courage to face the things we are scared of and work with the feelings of fear we have in our hearts. You need to accept your own weaknesses, fear and faults to truly accept yourself for who you are. It is alright to be scared. It is alright to be fearful. But do not let your negative emotions take over completely. If you want to live the life you always wanted to have, you cannot be controlled by your fears and make your decisions solely based on negative emotions. Otherwise you create your life accommodating your fears and avoid any possible future situation that scares you or makes you the slightest bit uncomfortable.

So keep your courage and believe in yourself! Most of the things that you are scared of might possibly happen in your future, will not actually happen at all. We are prone to think negatively when it comes to future events that scare us. We tend to underestimate ourselves and think we cannot possibly do certain things, simply because we are scared of doing them. Because we lack understanding of situations or ourselves, we would rather choose an option that enables us to stay in a “safe” zone we already know. And some people go to great lengths to avoid an imagined threat or uncomfortable situation altogether. They give up on great opportunities, or even smaller events if it means that they can better predict what will happen or not happen.

The sad thing is that bad things can happen and do happen anyway. Life itself is not predictable. But for us to learn new things and to grow, we need to leave our comfort zones. You do not have to radically change your life from one minute to the other, but try to learn to embrace the changes that life throws your way. Accept the ambiguity of your future, accept the changes that are bound to happen, accept to not be in control of everything, accept the fact that you will make mistakes, accept that there will be tons of things that will go wrong, but also accept that it is alright to not know everything. And be excited! Be excited for all the new challenges and look forward to all the experiences, good and bad, that will make you grow. Life is wonderful and exciting! There will also be tons of things that will go right! And yes, there are those things that happen in life that really suck, to say the least, but there are even more great things and happy events waiting for you. You just need to allow them to happen. Let life surprise you and try to experience things that are new to you. Step out of your comfort zone and make new experiences, try and learn new things and allow yourself to grow. Do not limit yourself to the perception you have of yourself when you feel down or scared. Think of yourself in a more positive way. Be good to yourself and really believe in yourself and all the abilities you have. Just because you think you cannot do certain things or you do not have a good self image, does not mean that you are correct. Be your own best friend and cheerleader. Think positively and tell yourself that you can do the things you always wanted to do, but were scared of. You are good enough! You can do whatever you set up your mind to do. Be respectful and kind to other people but also be respectful and kind to yourself. Stop the negative thinking! Do not hurt or be mean to others or yourself, whether it is by your actions, or by using negative words and do not bring anyone (including yourself) down. Be mindful with your own thoughts, words and actions. You can change your own attitude any second of the day. Choose to be positive, loving and encouraging. Choose to be more grateful, appreciative and happy about things and life in general.

Do not let your fears make you afraid of everything. Enjoy your life! Focus on all the positive and wonderful things waiting for you. Become who you want to be. Believe in yourself, love yourself for who you are and most of all, allow yourself to be happy and feel good. Finding your courage is hard, but you will find courage within yourself. Everything will be okay! You got this…


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