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It can be really tough to motivate yourself to do any kind of household chores when your week has been extra stressful. When you don’t want to clean, but it has to be done, you really need to give yourself an internal pep talk. We all know that the house cleaning has to be done on a regular basis.So whatever the reasons are that you don’t want to clean or you don’t want to start cleaning and you procrastinate it again, it all doesn’t really matter because it has to be done. So what can you do to make it better? Here are some ideas:

Motivate yourself

Learn some cleaning tips and educate yourself further if you feel uninformed. Read about cleaning tips to make tougher cleaning chores that you might struggle with easier. You can even find Youtube videos on cleaning and articles in magazines on it, too. Maybe you want to try a different cleaning product or buy some new cleaning utensils that make the work easier on yourself? Put on some upbeat music and sing to your favorite songs while you are cleaning. It feels less like a chore if you distract your mind with music. You can listen to an audio book,too, if you want. Find ways to make cleaning more comfortable by setting a different atmosphere and time will seem to pass faster.

Have a strategy

If you do the cleaning with a strategic plan in the back of your head, things will get done quicker. Remember to clean things from top to buttom and keep moving clockwise from one part of the room to the other. Dust first before you vacuum or clean the floors, and wash the floors last. These are just some examples to make things easier for yourself. If you have an order in mind, you will not forget to clean spots or make areas dirty again that you just finished cleaning minutes earlier!

On a different note,  I find a cleaning schedule a good solution. Make a list of the cleaning chores you need to do every day and every week. List them and get organized. Especially if you work full time it is important to get organized and manage your time well. Do not forget that you also need to schedule the time for laundry and grocery shopping when you set your schedule up. A cleaning schedule is a good solution in particular, if you divide the tasks between people. It can also be really motivating to cross things off your to-do list! You need to clean to some extent on every single day and the majority of people tend to do more extensive cleaning on a weekly basis. Now, if you plan your cleaning, instead of doing all of the extra weekly scheduled cleaning on one day, you can spread the tasks out more to the other days of the week. So in addition to the cleaning tasks you do every day, you have one or two of the weekly tasks scheduled throughout the week. You still clean as much as before, but less amounts of time on one day. You can find a cleaning schedule that works for you, though. Everyone does their cleaning based on their needs and some people do not like lists and schedules at all. So it’s up to you!

Use the right tools and products

Having the right cleaning utensils gets the job done quicker and more efficiently. Make sure you only use products that are not too harsh for the materials you apply them to and try implementing the products with the least amount of harsh chemicals first, before you haul out the big guns. This way you use a more gentle approach to cleaning and protect your health and belongings from aggressive and toxic ingredients you might otherwise get exposed to.

Make things easier and find help

Get your partner or roommate to clean with you. Maintain your house organized to begin with and tidy up on a regular basis. Put your things away and everything where it belongs. In general, it can be a good idea to find somebody to help you out in your household or around the house. If you can afford that, of course, it can be a great solution if the household gets too much for you, or your house and property is pretty big. I do not mind cleaning at all, for some reason it even makes me feel relaxed. But some people really struggle with it. So this might be a solution that works for you and your family.

And if you need more cleaning motivation, just remind yourself why you need to clean the house and remember that a clean living environment is important for your health and overall well-being. Nobody likes a dirty house, and somebody has to do it….

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