Spending time alone November 9, 2015

Some people cannot be alone and it sure is amazing to be surrounded by people you love and enjoy other people’s company. But in my opinion it is also important to learn to be alone and to spend time by yourself. Even if at first it might make you uncomfortable, being alone by choice is a very nice thing, every once in a while.

You should choose to spend time with other people but you should not be dependant on other people’s company to feel okay. There is a huge difference between loneliness and spending time all by yourself, by choice. Feeling lonely is awful, and we as human beings need social interactions with others for our happiness. But sometimes spending some hours or even a day, depending on your preference, all by yourself can feel like a mini vacation.

Learn to cherish your own company and get used to being alone once in a while. It will teach you a lot about yourself and other people. So even if the thought itself stresses you out or it seems very lonely to you, choose to spend time by yourself every now and then. You can get used to being alone and once you learned that skill, you will feel alright with being alone. You do not constantly need to be around other people, and you will start to relax more in your chosen solitude. And if you are with other people, it is because it is by your own choice and not because you are scared of feeling lonely or scared of being alone.

Choosing to be with people you love and want to be with and/or spend time with  or desperately choosing to be with somebody, just so that you are not alone, are choices that are worlds apart. And you do not want a relationship based on the later feelings. This is true for both friendships and romantic relationships, by the way.

The worst feeling of loneliness is the loneliness we can feel when we are in the wrong company, or the loneliness you feel when you are alone and it is not by your choice. But once you learn to cherish your independence and enjoy being alone every now and then, your relationship with yourself and others can only benefit from it.



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