How to feel better when you have a cold September 29, 2015

You have already been to the doctor, got a prescription filled and now you are back home, trying to relax. But you are still unsure what to do to make yourself feel better? Here is some advice for you to feel more comfortable when you spend some time home recovering from a cold. These tips are only meant to be followed AFTER you have seen a doctor, and they are in no way meant as a substitute for medical treatment.

1. Stick to the meds prescribed to you by your doctor and drink enough fluids

As already mentioned, go see a doctor. Get some medical advice and let a professional decide over the proper treatment of your cold or flu. Do not just buy some random stuff from the pharmacy, but get a proper checkup first and stick to your prescribed treatment plan and medications. Remember to stay hydrated. This is even more important than usual.

2. Get some rest

Sleep and rest as much as you can. Avoid as many activities as possible that drain your energy. You need to keep your strength to recover and should not exhaust yourself more than necessary. If you want to stay in bed, stay in bed. Depending how unwell you are, it might be a good idea though to move to the couch every now and then to get your blood pressure going. Make sure though, that you won’t faint doing that. So if you get dizzy, no matter where you are, sit down or lie down right away and elevate your feet.

3. Healthy nutrition

Eat a lot of healthy foods, especially fresh vegetables and fruit – you know the drill! As mentioned earlier in this blog post, remember to drink enough water. If you find this difficult, because your throat hurts, remember to keep the water cool in your fridge or add some ice to it. Herbal teas and orange juice are other great options, too.

4. Let fresh air into your room

It is important to air your room out. Whether you have an AC or not, stuffy air in warm rooms should be avoided. So every now and then, open a window and let fresh air into your room for a couple of minutes before you close your window again. It helps you breathe better! Make sure you don’t get cold while doing this, though.

5. Accept the fact that you are unwell

Some people do not want to get sick and put up a fight to the point of denial. If you caught a cold, you caught a cold. There is no way around it! So accept the facts and act accordingly. It happens, and the better you take care of yourself, the less likely it turns into something more serious. Because that can happen if you run around as if nothing is the matter with you and stick to your to-do list, while you secretly have a fever and feel awful. Sounds familiar? Well, go to bed then. Now!

6. Entertain yourself and relax

Read a nice book, listen to an audio book or binge watch your favorite TV shows or movies. Find something that makes you feel better and enjoy some entertainment. Do not think about your to-do list or work for a while and just relax. And nap if you can! It works wonders when it comes to making you feel better.

I hope you feel better soon!

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