7 tips to strengthen your immune system October 29, 2015

Now that the fall and winter season is here, it is also the time of the year again where most people catch a cold or the flu. So in order to decrease the chances of you getting sick in the first place, here are 7 tips to strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health.

1. Nutrition

Even though it might be something you do not notice all the time, what you eat has an immense impact on your health, immune system and mood. There are entire books, studies and articles published on the links between food and health. Certain foods and drinks have negative effects and others are proven to strengthen your immune system and they can even help your body fight or improve specific health conditions. As usual, a varied and balanced diet is key. Limit sugar, alcohol and fast food as much as you can and try to make healthy food choices. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. You probably already know what foods you should be eating less or more of, right?

2. Exercise

Sports and exercising are immunity boosters! Try to commit to more exercise, chances are that you will soon feel better and improve your immune system along the line.

3. Sleep

It cannot be stressed enough that you need enough sleep for good health. In addition to the negative impact sleep deprivation has on your health and mood, not sleeping enough hours also affects your immune system and weight negatively.

4. Get outside

Spend more time outdoors and enjoy nature. Remember to wear the right clothing and maybe even squeeze some exercise in. Going for walks and enjoying the fresh cooler autumn air is very relaxing.

5. Relaxation

Stress is bad for your immune system. So try to not let yourself get stressed out or overworked and use stress reduction methods to improve your wellbeing and dampen the negative effects of a stressful day or week. Make time for yourself, your hobbies, your favorite people and relaxation, to feel better.

6. Good hygiene

A good immune system is one thing, health precautions are still reasonable. A lot of times, you can avoid getting sick with a cold or flu simply by washing your hands regularly and avoid touching your own nose, mouth and eyes to limit the exposure and spreading of the germs causing the cold and flu. Do not share a towel with somebody having a cold and wash your hands right away with soap and warm water once you arrive home.

7. Positive vibes

Optimism and a positive attitude can actually improve your health. This may sound too good to be true but there are studies that suggest that pessimism weakens your immune system. When you have a more optimistic outlook and stay positive on the other hand, your immune system might actually benefit from it and get a boost. So try to cheer yourself up and pamper yourself when you actually do get sick once in a while. Because your emotions can affect your body’s immune response it is important to take care of your emotional state as well as your physical health. Be good to yourself and do more of the things that make you feel happy and good about yourself.

When you take good care of yourself and your health in general, your immune system should work properly. Do not give in to the hype of buying expensive supplements or medication for an immunity booster, unless you talked about this with your general practician and he or she thinks that it is a good idea for you. The majority of these products are not proven to work at all, and most healthy people do not need them at all. So save your money and buy healthy food instead!

When you feel like your immune system is not as good as it should be, make sure to schedule a checkup with your doctor and get to the bottom of the problem. There might be an underlying problem causing your issues and you want to make sure that you are as healthy as you can be.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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