5 easy ways to relax August 25, 2015

Even if you do not have an entire day or evening to relax, there is often a possibility to find a moment to unwind and let go of all the stress you are feeling. Looking for a smaller time window is often easier and you can even schedule in a break, if your free time is limited. Just make relaxation a priority especially in times when you have the least time for yourself. Even with a huge to-do list in front of you, taking breaks and finding time for yourself is important and the time you take to relax now, might also give you the feeling of a mini vacation when you need it most!

Find out what helps you unwind

We all have one or more favorite free time activities that help us feel more relaxed and happy. Whether you like sports after a particular stressful day, or you rather relax while listening to music, you like to read a book, or catch up with your favorite TV show, look for something that helps you clear your mind.You know what it is that helps you to calm down when you are stressed out. Just try to do exactly that and find time for yourself during the day or evening.

Even a short break helps

Maybe you only have a short amount of time to relax, maybe you have an entire evening ahead of you. There is always time to make yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea and sit down for a while and take at least some minutes for yourself to relax. One thing that helps is to really focus on yourself during that time. Relax and try to have a moment enjoying some silence. Allow yourself to really not do anything for a while. Do not check your phone and maybe even choose to have some alone time for now. Focus on your drink and really enjoy it. Do not let the stress of the day get to you. Just breathe and think positively. Try to not think about work or really anything in particular. Just relax and enjoy your break. Of course you can enjoy your break with other people, too! If you are stressed out though, make it a point not to talk about work or things that need to be done. Enjoy the moment instead.

Enjoy some time outdoors

Go outside for a walk or spend some time in your garden or on your balcony. There is something very relaxing about being outdoors and when you go for a walk, chances are you can clear up your mind and relax very well at the same time.

Relaxation exercises

Lots of people enjoy doing yoga, progressive muscle relaxation techniques or meditation. And this for a reason! These exercises really work well when you want to relax, or struggle with finding rest at night. You can calm your mind completely and many people find that it makes them overall less stressed when they continuously practice relaxation exercises. Maybe this is not your thing, but it is always worth a shot to try something new.

Take a nap

Sleeping and napping are a wonderful way to relax. Even if you only have time for a midday nap during the weekend, enjoy it. Some people can even take a nap after work without it influencing their ability to sleep at night. You can learn to nap if you haven’t tried it before. Just set an alarm and give it a shot! Take a short nap, or a longer one, try to find out what makes you feel best and find what works for you!

I hope you liked these suggestions and these 5 easy ways to relax. If you have any tips yourself, leave a comment below. As always, I would love to hear from you!


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