Start your morning right August 12, 2015

Whether you are an early bird or struggle to get up every morning, if you start your morning right and establish a morning routine that works for you, you can actually enjoy your mornings more. So how do you achieve that?

Get up earlier

We are always looking to find more time during our day and you can find some well-deserved ”me time” and relaxation right away in the morning, if you remind yourself of it and plan for it. So setting up your alarm earlier allows you to do just that. Having the time to ease into your day and enjoying some free time activities before work will also give you an incentive for actually getting up and out of your bed.

Time to wake up

Open a window and let fresh air in your room while you’re making the bed. Stand in front of the window and take a deep breath to relax. Enjoy the sunshine if it is there already. Remember what you are grateful for and think about something amazing you will be doing today. Today will be a good day!

Take five minutes

Just take five minutes to enjoy the peacefulness of your morning. Your day is full of possibilities and you can make things happen! Life is good. Try to see everything in a positive light today.

Stress less

Another added bonus to starting your day earlier is that it leaves you with more time. Not only to spend on reading or exercising, but also to do everything in a less rushed way. Also, if you can avoid it stay away from social media and do not check your email first thing after waking up. There is still plenty of time to catch up until you leave your house!

Have a good breakfast

Enjoy your breakfast! Really be mindful of your first cup of coffee or tea and relax. Take the time to wake up and spend some time with your loved ones to talk. If you live alone, call a friend or listen to your favorite music to get into a positive mindset and going for the day.

Get ready on time

Do not leave getting ready for the last minute! Just because you make time to enjoy your mornings shouldn’t make you procrastinate on the essential parts of your daily schedule. Plan your time generously and stick to a routine that lets you leave the house right on time and relaxed.

The key to starting your morning right is to take enough time and create morning rituals that let you enjoy your mornings rather than rushing them and being stressed out before you even arrive at the office.

I hope you have a great day! Make it a good one.


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