On balance August 6, 2015

It is really hard to find balance in life. We want to reach our full potential and be good at everything we do. We have so many different roles to play and tasks to do on a regular basis that even finding the right free time activity can become another struggle that we have to face.

Every minute we spend doing something is another minute we could be doing something else. Every choice seems like the rejection of yet another choice and for a lot of people free time is not really free anymore.

We need to find the balance again. The acceptance of ourselves and to let go of free time perfectionism. It is alright to be lazy sometimes and it is also alright to feel stressed on other days. There is no such thing as a perfectly planned day and as soon as you let go of the idea of perfection you will find that the balancing act can be done. Just stop judging yourself and do not compare yourself to other people. You have your own way of doing things and that is okay.

Make time to take a deep breath and try to not do anything in excess. That is what balance is all about! If you have too much things to do, try to evaluate your situation. Ask yourself this: Do you really need to do all of this? Or do you just want to do it? Can you find someone to help you? And if all goes wrong, think about this: What is the worst that can happen if you do not do this right now or today? Is there a different way of approaching this?

Most of the time we create our own stress. The feeling of being overwhelmed and the anxiety that comes with it is a sign that you need to sit down for at least five minutes and relax to get a clear head again. Reconsider your options and remember that you design your own life. Sometimes we just expect too much of ourselves, and all of it too quickly.

Especially in times when everything feels like too much and you have too much stress, too much work and too little sleep and times of relaxation, you need to make time to breathe. Just go for a walk, enjoy the sunshine or take a quick nap to refresh your body. You will feel much better afterwards and only when you learn to relax and let go of the stress you are having, you can be truly productive and appreciate your life.


Photography by © Jay Mantri 



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