Make the most out of your lunch break August 7, 2015

Every day we spend at work in the office there is usually a designated lunch break that we can count on. To make sure you really feel refreshed after your midday break, and to make the most out of your lunch break, there are certain things you should watch out for.

My number one recommendation to have a great break is to not stay put at your desk. This is probably something you realize shortly into your work life but I still think it is important to mention. Leaving  your work desk and removing yourself from your work environment ensures that you really take that break. Don’t continue working while you much on your lunch or take phone calls in between. You will feel like you took no break at all when you do that.

Bring your lunch to work. Bringing it with you from home saves you money but if you crave something else, make it a habit to purchase it before work in the morning. Unless you work close to a restaurant or your lunch spot of choice, chances are that you do not really want to spend the majority of your lunch break in a store browsing around for food or waiting in line at the register.

Unless you really have to, do not make any calls or schedule tasks for your breaks. Sometimes you have to run an errand but usually that phone call can wait and personal errands can be done before or after work. You should really enjoy your break and let your mind wander. This should not be the time to do more stuff that feels like work. And to have a good break during your work day is important for your concentration, work performance and overall well-being. So do not make it another time of your day overfilled with tasks of your daily to-do list.

Whenever you can and the weather permits it, spend some of your break time outdoors. Remember sun protection of course! But if you can find a spot in the shade or get to a nice place not too far from your office a change of scenery will be nice.

During your lunch time, really focus on enjoying your food and relaxation. Another advantage of bringing food to work is that you can be more considerate of the food choices you make and practice mindful eating.

Read or listen to a podcast or music during your break. Some people nap or exercise during their breaks,or take the time for a hobby like drawing and so on. The main point about this is to really distance yourself from work and create your own personal time to make you feel relaxed and happy. So do whatever makes you feel rested and refreshed afterwards. Just don’t overdo it on the activities and there is nothing in the way of you having a relaxing lunch break tomorrow!


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