How to get over a bad day August 10, 2015

We all have bad days, whether some people like to admit it or not. What matters is that you learn how to get over a bad day. Because it is just a bad day you have, not a bad life!

It is alright to have a bad day and feel sorry for yourself for a while, but sometimes it is important to remember that (as long as you and your loved ones are healthy, you are not in danger for your life, you do not suffer from depression or go through a major crisis that you cannot do anything about) YOU are in control of your life and emotions. And instead of wasting your time being sad, or angry about something, you can do so much more with the rest of your day. So take either five, ten or fifteen minutes and get all your frustration out but then LET IT GO. Move on and remember, there are many, many things in life far worse than you having one bad day.

Tomorrow things will (in all likelihood) be back to normal and you will have shaken your mood of completely. Until then, focus your attention from the event that upset you and do something to liften your spirits:

  • Meet up with  the person that is closest to you to cheer up again and if that is not possible, call someone you can talk to.
  • Listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite TV-show
  • Take a shower or bath and pamper yourself
  • Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea
  • Go for a walk or run, do some exercise outdoors
  • Cuddle with someone or spend time with your pet
  • Take a nap or meditate
  • Go out for some shopping or do some online shopping
  • Read a book or magazine
  • Browse your favorite websites
  • Cook yourself a nice meal or order some food from your favorite restaurant
  • Do some gardening or housework
  • Go to the movies or go out for dinner if you feel like it
  • Try to find something like a funny movie/video/gif to make you smile again
  • Overall: distract yourself and try not to overthink things

Remember, it is one bad day and not the end of the world.

If everything else fails, distract yourself for a while and call it an early night. Sometimes it is nice to hide in bed with a book or your favorite movie and eat that ice cream or cookies already!You are not alone with your feelings, we all have bad days and you need to accept yourself when you have a bad mood too. The important thing is to not get carried away and put it into perspective. Everything will be alright in the end and we all have a lot of things to be grateful for. Focus on the positive things in your life and do not let the events of one day damper your happiness!

If your sadness doesn’t leave you any more, it can be something more serious that you are dealing with. Depression is hard to fight and it is important that you talk to someone about it and look for the help you need as soon as possible. Like any other illness it can happen to everyone and it is not your fault. Just talk to a doctor you trust and also confide into a good friend or your family for support.

Look, you are amazing! You just might not notice it yourself right now…

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