Friday Link Love #5 November 20, 2015

Happy Friday everyone!

Here are some more link recommendations for you in the fifth installment of Friday Link Love on the blog.I hope you have a great start into your weekend. Be safe and make it a good one!

1. Learning to say no – The Everygirl

A very important skill, for sure. And this article shows up ways to say no in a more polite and considerate manner.

2. 20 problems only booklovers understand – Goodreads

Funny blogpost featuring bookish problems that are not really problems but struggles booklovers might face every now and again.

3. 25 simple ways to motivate yourself – The Positivity Blog

4. Become a better conversationalist with the “Rule of threes” – Psychology Today

Some interesting advice for improving your communication skills.

The deepest craving in every human being is the desire to be appreciated. – William James

5. 20 ways to relax and unwind – Psych Central

I wrote about this subject myself here and here.

6. Unconditional acceptance of yourself – Zen habits

A blogpost on how to be more loving and accepting of yourself.

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