10 tips to save money October 19, 2015

Money and budgeting are hot topics these days. Without wanting to get too deep into financial subjects, I want to share 10 tips to save money with you that will allow you to save some money every month: 1. Cook yourself and limit the times you eat out during the week. 2. Stick to a budget and do not plan in money you haven’t received yet.You can only make plans with the money you actually have in this moment. Do…

10 tips for healthy eating on a budget August 17, 2015

Sometimes life can be pretty stressful. We rush through our days and make tons of decisions on a daily basis that affect our lives and well-being. Especially for those on a budget, grocery shopping can be another source of problems. Whether you buy unhealthy foods, think you cannot afford the good stuff; you overspend on groceries at the beginning of the month and have not much left to buy food in the last days; or you impulse buy fast food -there is a…

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