Are you tired? September 10, 2015

Sometimes we need to function on little sleep. Insomniacs, parents and overworked shift workers and students all make this experience. But what should you do when sleep is not an option? Here are 12 tips to help you get through the day:

  1. Upbeat music

I find music to be a lifesaver when I’m tired. It sets an upbeat mood and get’s you more motivated. It energizes you and helps you feel better in an instant. Listen to your favorite songs when you’re waking up and it will make you feel more happy and relaxed right away.

2. Drink a lot of water

As usual, hydration is key. It helps your body get going and prevents headaches. It will also help your brain to function better. Enough said?

3. Keep moving

Do not rest but keep going on with your day. Ignore the feeling of tiredness for as long as possible and just keep on moving and going. Do some stretching or walk around the room. Try not to stay put in one place for too long so you won’t fall asleep again.

4. Exercise or go for a walk

If you can squeeze it into your schedule, go for a walk or do some jumping jacks to get more energized. Do not do this when you are feeling dizzy, though. Be mindful of your body and treat it gently. You do not want to exhaust yourself any further. A lack of sleep is enough to deal with right now…

5. Nap if you can

This depends on the amount of time you managed to sleep last night. If you had no sleep or only the tiniest bit of sleep, you won’t be able to sleep for only a short period of time like in a nap. Instead, chances are you won’t wake up from this nap until it is a couple of hours later. If you feel like it might make you feel better to nap, go ahead. But that is really all a question of your own experiences with napping during the day. Some people swear by having quick naps, others rather take a two hour nap. If I am really sleep deprived, I find it difficult to sleep for a shorter amount of time. I’d rather push through the day in the hopes that I will sleep better during the next night. It is all a question of personal preference and sleeping patterns. And it might also change for you over the time of your life.To nap or not to nap is the question you will have to figure out for yourself, I fear.

6. Caffeine

Some people will tell you to avoid caffeine, but I say: Go for it! If you do not overdo it, caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea can be a quick pick me up and energy boost for a while. Watch your caffeine intake. And do not drink a ridiculous amount of coffee because it is unhealthy to do so. It also messes with your ability to sleep.

7. Enjoy some sunlight

Enjoy some time in the sun. Do not forget the sunscreen and do not overdo it, though. Light exposure is important for your vitamin D levels and it will make you feel re-energized. If there is no sun, any other source of bright light will help you too, when it comes to feeling less tired.

8. Activate your senses

Smell some citrus fruit , fresh flowers or ground coffee. Look at some photography or art. When you activate your senses, you stimulate your brain and distract yourself from feeling tired. Remember to stretch and you can also massage your own hands and neck or let some cold water run over your wrists or face. These are all methods for you to feel more awake again.

9. Watch what you are eating

Be mindful of your nutrition. Avoid fast food and eat healthy foods that provide you with a lot of vitamins, nutrients and enough carbohydrates and protein to boost your energy levels.

10. Distract yourself

Enjoy some good entertainment to unwind. Watch a funny movie or read a good book and distract yourself.

11. Watch your mood

Do not forget to be nice to yourself and others. Sleep deprivation makes you moody and maybe even more emotional than normal so do not put your bad mood on others and watch your crankiness levels.

12. Slow down

Try your best to find the time to relax and take it easy today. Avoid making any important decisions when you are overly tired and focus on being positive and taking things slow today.

One last thing: Avoid lack of sleep, take care of yourself and establish a normal sleep pattern whenever possible. Sometimes we do not get a choice, but do not pull an all-nighter all the time if you can avoid it. Try to figure out why you cannot sleep well and try to find solutions with your doctor so that you can rest again during the night. The better rested you are, the more productive you can be the next day.Constant sleep-deprivation can have very harmful effects on your immune system and overall well-being. So try your best to get a better sleep tonight.

I hope you have a great day!

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