Are you tired? September 10, 2015

Sometimes we need to function on little sleep. Insomniacs, parents and overworked shift workers and students all make this experience. But what should you do when sleep is not an option? Here are 12 tips to help you get through the day: Upbeat music I find music to be a lifesaver when I’m tired. It sets an upbeat mood and get’s you more motivated. It energizes you and helps you feel better in an instant. Listen to your favorite songs…

15 tips to improve your sleep August 11, 2015

Some mornings it is really hard to get out of bed. Whenever you did not sleep well through the night, the sound of your alarm seems even more awful to you than normal and chances are you feel exhausted and tired all day long. So why is it that some people sleep like babies and you toss and turn all night? If you like, you can read all about my 15 tips to improve your sleep in this article. If you suffer from ongoing insomnia…

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