Friday Link Love #2 October 30, 2015

It feels like such a clichée even writing these words, but didn’t this week pass by really quickly? Today, I will be sharing with you the second installment of my Friday link love series already. Hopefully you will find these links as entertaining as I did:

1. When you’re stressed out – 3 ways to feel less busy (Huffington Post)

2. Try this tool to condense your writing and make it more concise:

Heming way editor (App; but also a website trial tool version available)

3. Become unstuck from your writer’s block with a Japanese word game:

Overcome Creative Block by Playing Shiritori – (The Write Practice)

4. Great interactive documentary project about relationships, connecting with each other and honesty: – (The And)

5. Some last minute halloween costume ideas:

Best wildlife halloween costumes  – (Wildliferemoval Plus)

6. Great blog post about self-acceptance for everyone:

To Every Woman Who Has Ever Felt ‘Disgusting’ – (Thought Catalog)

7. Get inspired for your fall home decor by looking at this slideshow by Style at home
Seasonal fall home decor ideas: Seasonal fall home decor ideas – (Style at home)

8. 13 spooky read suggestions – (Goodreads)

9. And last but not least, a friendly bowing cat named Louis – (22 words)

Happy Friday, everyone. Make it a great one!

Photography by © Todd DeSantis / Unsplash

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