10 things to love about autumn October 5, 2015

There is something about autumn and the change of seasons that is very close to my heart, and I’m not the only one! A lot of people love autumn and there are many great things about this season that make it so wonderful:

1. Cooler weather

After the summer months I really appreciate the cooler weather again. I just love the change of seasons and the changes in weather and landscape that you get to experience during the course of a year.

2. Fall clothing

It is that time again, to get your favorite sweaters and scarves out of the depths of your closet and rediscover your old favorites. And maybe even update your fall wardrobe with a few pieces?

3.Colorful leaves

Nature is just especially beautiful with the colorful leaves everywhere.Appreciate the beauty around you the next time you go for a walk or run!

4. Autumn decorations

Autumn and seasonal decor is great. Pumpkins anyone?

5. Cozy time

It is time to get cozy at home with a candle, a mug full of coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate and read a book while you are covered with a comfortable blanket. So relaxing!

6. New releases

Autumn is also the time for new releases of books, TV shows and so on. Exciting and something to look forward to for sure!

7. Autumn activities

Time for the typical autumn activities! Maybe you even have a family tradition? If you have a fireplace at home, enjoy it. It is also the time of year to go apple picking in your own garden or on an apple farm. There are leave piles around soon and there will be the crunchiness of leaves under your feet, when you go for a walk.

8. Seasonal drinks and food

Cinnamon and Pumpkin spice are everywhere! Seasonal drinks and food are amazing. And it is more cozy to cook and bake at home, once it is cooler outside. Soups and stews are also better enjoyed, when it is not as hot outside anymore. The same goes for baking. Time to try new bread and cookie recipes!

9. Color switches in fashion

Girly, yes, but something to look forward to in autumn! You can switch your clothes, makeup and nailpolish colors to autumn shades if you like. I mean, you can do that anytime and wear whatever you like. But for me, personally, some colors just work better in summer and others in autumn. Darker shades of lipstick, for instance.

10. Halloween and Thanksgiving are fast approaching

If you live in areas where Halloween and/or Thanksgiving are celebrated, that is. If not, you can start your very own Halloween / Thanksgiving/ Autumn festivities and traditions. Chances are, there are a lot of autumn festivities and activities all around you, when you start paying attention to these kind of things…

These are my personal top 10 things to love about autumn. Of course there are many more aspects of this season that make it so great. What is your favorite part of autumn?

Photography by © Rula Sibai / Unsplash

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