Why reading matters September 7, 2015

I love books and reading. A lot, actually. Maybe you feel the same about books, maybe you don’t. But I want to give you some inspiration to read more and share with you, why reading matters to me and what benefits there are, if you make the time to read a book yourself. 1. You learn something new Reading increases your knowledge. There are books about anything you can possibly imagine, both fiction and non-fiction. I don’t know about you,…

How to read more August 14, 2015

Most people read for personal enjoyment, educational purposes or self-improvement. Whatever reasons you have for wanting to read more, it will benefit you in a lot of ways. But why is it that some people read a lot and you struggle to read as much as you would like? Only you can know the definite answer to that but I want to share 14 tips with you to achieve your personal reading goals and learn how to read more books….

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