Reward yourself September 18, 2015

Every now and then we need to pause in what we are doing and become more aware of our accomplishments. Maybe you are not there yet and you still have things that need to get done. But chances are, you tend to forget to reward yourself every now and then. Remember: you deserve it! Appreciate yourself and treat yourself to something. Maybe you do something simple like taking time for yourself or for your favorite hobby. Or you decide to…

On gratitude August 28, 2015

What are you grateful for today? What are you grateful for in your life? Some people are so focused on the next goal they want to achieve or the bad day they just had, that they overlook the things in their lives that are working great, that make them and their lives special and also overlook the┬áseemingly smaller things in everyday life that are precious and noteworthy. Sometimes we do not find it in ourselves to be happy on every…

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