Spending time alone November 9, 2015

Some people cannot be alone and it sure is amazing to be surrounded by people you love and enjoy other people’s company. But in my opinion it is also important to learn to be alone and to spend time by yourself. Even if at first it might make you uncomfortable, being alone by choice is a very nice thing, every once in a while. You should choose to spend time with other people but you should not be dependant on…

How to feel better when you have a cold September 29, 2015

You have already been to the doctor, got a prescription filled and now you are back home, trying to relax. But you are still unsure what to do to make yourself feel better? Here is some advice for you to feel more comfortable when you spend some time home recovering from a cold. These tips are only meant to be followed AFTER you have seen a doctor, and they are in no way meant as a substitute for medical treatment….

On daily rituals September 9, 2015

There is something really soothing and relaxing about having or establishing your own everyday rituals. I do not mean rituals in a religious sense, but normal everyday practices that you can implement into your routine. Some examples for daily rituals would be family dinners in the evenings, or always having your morning coffee on your porch in the warmer months of the year. Or a daily evening routine, in which you always read before you go to sleep at night….

How to make better decisions August 21, 2015

We make thousands of decisions every day, without even thinking about it anymore. But there are also those decisions we struggle with a lot. Here are some tips on how to make better decisions: 1. Initial¬†response What were your initial thoughts and emotions when confronted with the problem? Usually first ideas and feelings that pop into our heads are very useful, because in a matter of a¬†few seconds we have already formed a first response. Instead of acting on it…

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